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News Archive - EGARA to Hold 14th Annual “Hamfest”

The East Greenbush Amateur Radio Association (EGARA) will hold its 13th Annual Hamfest on Saturday, May 13th from 8 am to 1 pm, welcoming ham radio operators from all over the Northeast. The event will be held at the East Greenbush Fire Company, 68 Phillips Road in East Greenbush, N.Y. Last year’s event was attended by hams from all over the Capital Region, as well as from Vermont, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

“Amateur radio continues to be a fun and educational hobby for hundreds of thousands across the United States and for millions more around the world,” said EGARA President Tom Scorsone, whose call sign is KC2FCP.

“Last year, our Hamfest brought together over 200 ham radio operators together for a day that included friendship, new technologies in ham radio and the chance to put faces with the voices that are heard on the air.” Scorsone said the event also allows hams to buy, sell and swap amateur radio equipment and accessories.

EGARA’s Annual Hamfest is part of the club’s many service programs that benefits both amateur radio operators and the community. Most recently, EGARA members provided communications support for the “Run for Literacy” which raised money for local literacy programs.

“When regular communication systems fail, amateur radio operators step in to help keep emergency communications functioning,” Scorsone said. “Hams provided invaluable assistance during emergencies, such as earthquakes and major weather events. Clubs like ours help ensure that hams are ready to assist when they’re needed.”

As an example, Scorsone highlighted last year’s earthquake in Equator which destroyed much of that nation’s communications systems. “In many regions, amateur radio was the only link to the outside world, coordinating rescue efforts and desperately needed aid. Ham radio may have been around for over 100 years, but it still gets through even when today’s high-tech systems don’t.”

Scorsone added that EGARA’s Hamfest is also a great way for those who are interested in amateur radio to learn more about it. “It’s easier than ever for someone to get their amateur radio license, especially since the FCC exam no longer requires Morse Code as part of the test.”

The EGARA Hamfest will be held rain or shine.

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