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New Ham Gets a Free New Radio

Jim Harrigan of Rensselaer won a brand new Kenwood Dual Band mobile radio after passing his Technician license exam at EGARA's latest VE testing session on October 13, 2018. He then went on to pass his General license exam at the same session.

Harrigan won the radio in a free raffle held among all of those who passed their Tech exam. The radio was purchased with proceeds the club received from the sale of used equipment donated to the club.

"Getting a license is an important first step, but the goal is to also get new hams on the air," said EGARA President Tom Scorsone, KC2FCP. "We think giving away brand new radios is a great way to make that happen."

Harrigan (left in photo) was presented his new radio by club Volunteer Examiner Dave Williams, N2VLQ.

EGARA plans to give away another new radio at its January testing session.

Jim Harrigan (left) receives his new radio from VE Examiner Dave Williams, N2VLQ

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