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News Archive - EGARA Adds New Rewards Program

The New Year has brought with it a new rewards program for EGARA members, allowing them to collect points to be used for gift cards, or towards annual dues or VE exam fees. The program was approved by the club’s Board of Director’s and was formally announced at the Holiday Party in December. The new program allows points to be earned for participating in various club activities, with each point being worth $1.00. When a member accumulates ten points, they can be redeemed towards the reward of their choice. “Our new rewards program is aimed at recognizing EGARA members for their participation in the club’s many events and activities, during the year” said EGARA President Tom Scorsone, KC2FCP. “It’s another way of expressing thanks for all they do to support the club and its work.” A wide range of activities will be eligible for earning reward points, with the club’s Secretary keeping track of how many each member earns. Points will be earned on an annual basis, with any unused points expiring at the end of each calendar year. By special arrangement with ARRL, members who join or renew their membership through EGARA will score 5 bonus points, immediately giving them half the points they need to redeem an award.

The various activities that members can participate in to earn reward points includes:

  • Meeting attendance (1 point earned per meeting);

  • Join or renew ARRL membership through EGARA (5 points - see more information on page 4);

  • Participation in club-sponsored Public Service event (1 point per event);

  • Field Day activities (1 point for each activity, including: set up, operating & tear down and clean up – total of 3 points possible);

  • Hamfest participation (1 point).

  • Making a presentation at a club meeting (1 point);

  • Participation as a VE session team member (1 point per session -- available to certified VEs only);

  • Authoring newsletter article (1 point per article published);

  • Other activities that may be approved by the EGARA Board (point value to be determined by the Board)

A member earning ten points will be eligible for one of the following rewards of their choosing:

  • $10 prepaid gift card (Visa / Mastercard)

  • Free admission to a club VE exam session for license upgrade ($15 value);

  • $10 credit towards annual EGARA individual or family membership dues ($10 is maximum credit that can be applied toward dues).

For members to receive proper credit, each will be responsible for making sure they complete the sign-up sheet provided at each qualifying event. The club Secretary will maintain a list of the points each member earns and let each member know when they have accumulated ten points. The club Treasurer will issue rewards based on certification provided by the Secretary. Points will accrue on an annual basis and unused points will expire at the end of the calendar year. Points and rewards are available to all members in good standing (members with annual dues paid by March 31st) and who have no lapse in their membership. The new rewards program begins January 1, 2018. “We look forward to the benefits this new program will provide our members in return for their support of the club and its many activities during the year,” said EGARA President Scorsone.

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