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Inclement Weather Forces Change in Field Day Operations

Because of severe weather being forecast throughout the coming weekend, EGARA will NOT be setting up or operating during Field Day at the masonic Lodge. Instead we will have members operate from their home stations -- weather permitting.

Here is what you need to know:

1) Operate ONLY if you deem conditions to be SAFE -- you should not operate during thunderstorms or if thunderstorms are in your vicinity. Remember, lightening can take place several miles from active thunderstorms. Please place your safety and the safety of your family, home and station FIRST!

2) You may operate whenever you like (if it is safe) and on any bands eligible for Field Day activities. You're not restricted to operating on the shifts for which you originally signed up at the lodge.

3) If you operate on commercial power, you will operate as a Class 1-D station. If you use emergency power (batteries, solar, etc), you will operate as a 1-E station. You may also operate in any eligible mode (SSB, CW, etc) and any combination of modes. For example, you can make some SSB contacts for 1 point each, and other contacts using CW for 2 points each. However, contacts with other club members DO NOT count for Field Day points.

4) If you operate during Field Day (2 pm Saturday to 2 pm Sunday), use your home station call sign. DO NOT use the club call sign (W2EGB).

5) Log your contacts using the N3FJP software so our logs are consistent. The latest version can be downloaded at:

6) Refer to Field Day Rules on the ARRL website for information on how to submit your log to the ARRL for credit. It is important to include the club name where indicated on the submission form so that the club gets credit for the points you score. The club name MUST ALSO BE CONSISTENT on all of the submissions -- Please list the club as "East Greernbush ARA" in the appropriate field on the ARRL submission form. Using any other variation of the club name may not get your points credited to the club.

7) If you copy the special message from W1AW during Field Day, you can earn an extra 100 points. Each member can earn these points to drive up the club's overall score.

8) If you have questions, or need help submitting logs, please ask for assistance.

9) Have fun and enjoy Field Day. The weather may be forcing changes, but it doesn't mean you can't enjoy operating and helping the club to score points!

Again, please keep your safety first and foremost while operating during Field Day this weekend!


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